James Maloney

Husband: James Maloney
Born: 1844-Jan-27 Douglastown, Québec
Baptized: 1844-Jun-23 Douglastown, Québec1
Godparents: Matthew Morris and Catharine Gaul
Married: 1872-Jan-11 Douglastown, Québec2
Spouse: Mary Marguerite Spruen
Witnesses: Thomas Maloney, Jr. ("brother of the bridegoom") and Sr. ("father" [of the groom]) and Annie Spruen ("sister of the bride"); signature: "Mary Spruen"
Died: c. 1930
Father: Thomas Moloney, Douglastown, Québec
Mother: Mary Jane Morris, Douglastown, Québec
Wife: Mary Marguerite Spruen
Born: 1842-Aug-01 Douglastown, Québec
Baptized: 1842-Aug-27 Douglastown, Québec1
Godparents: Peter Holland and Elizabeth Walsh [baby's aunt]
Married: Douglastown, Québec2
Died: 1932-Jun-13 Douglastown, Québec
Buried: 1932-Jun-15 Cimetière de Saint-Patrice, Douglastown, Québec2
Witnesses: William Rooney [nephew, or cousin, of the deceased] and Lorne Grant [both signed)]
Father: Henry James Spruen
Mother: Mary Margaret Walsh
Children: This couple had no children.

Footnotes identifying Parish Registers:

A footnote identifies the parish register which contains the relevant act.

The absence of a footnote indicates that the information came from a secondary source.

1Registre de St-Michel de Percé: 1801-1941.
2Registre de St-Patrice de Douglastown: 1845-1942.

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