Caroline Maloney

Husband: John (Jean) Laurens-dit-Lawrence
Born: 1836-Feb-24 Île-Bonaventure, Québec
Baptized: 1836-Jun-30 Île-Bonaventure, Québec3
Godparents: William Driscoll and Jane LeBosc
Married 1862-Oct-07 St-Pierre de la Malbaie, Québec4
Died: 1910-Nov-03 Barachois, Québec
Buried: 1910-Nov-05 Cimetière de St-Pierre-de-Malbaie, Barachois, Québec5
Witnesses: Henry, John, and Willy Lawrence ("his sons" [signed]); and signatures: "Alphonse St. Croix", "James Quinn"
Father: John (Jean) Laurens-dit-Lawrence, of Île-Bonaventure, Québec
Mother: Elizabeth "Betsey" Moloney, of Île-Bonaventure, Québec
Wife: Mary (Marie) "Caroline" Maloney
Born: 1833-Apr-30 Malbaie, Québec
Baptized: 1833-Jun-22 Malbaie, Québec3
Godparents: André Cotton and Geneviève Cotton
Married: 1862-Oct-07 Barachois, Québec4
Spouse: John Laurens-dit-Lawrence
Dispensation "for second degree of consanguinity"
[They are first cousins:
Betsy Moloney > John Lawrence + Caroline Maloney < Bill Moloney.]
Witnesses: Edward Maloney [bride's brother], Mary Jane Urquhart [bride's future sister-in-law], and Daniel L. Urquhart [all signed]; signatures: "John Laurence" and "Carolyn Maloney"
Died: 1913-Nov-21 Barachois, Québec
Buried: 1913-Nov-24 Cimetière de St-Pierre-de-Malbaie, Barachois, Québec5
Witnesses: John, Henry and William Lawrence ("sons of the deceased" [all signed]); Edward and Thomas Maloney [brothers of deceased; both signed]
Father: Bill Moloney, of Barachois, Québec
Mother: Elizabeth Buckley, of Pointe-Saint-Pierre, Québec
Child 1 M Henry Lawrence
Born: 1864-Jan-10 Malbaie, Québec
Baptized: 1864-Mar-31 Malbaie, Québec4
Godparents: Michael Maloney [baby's uncle] and Adelaide Lawrence [future wife of Michael Maloney]
Married: 1900-Jan-09 Pabos, Québec1
Spouse: Marie Bibiane Mauger
Witnesses: Robert Mauger ("bride's father") and Michael McGinnis ("bride's uncle") [both signed]; signatures: "Bibiane Mauger", "Henry Lawrence", "Christine Mauger", "Joseph Tapp"
Died: 1915-Oct-08 Barachois, Québec
Buried: 1915-Oct-10 Cimetière de St-Pierre-de-Malbaie, Barachois, Québec5
Witnesses: John [signed] and William Lawrence ["brothers of deceased"] and Simon Mauger ("brother-in-law of deceased", [signed] "Smauger"), signatures: "Arthur St Croix", "John St Croix", "??", "Thomas ??"
Child 2 F Elizabeth Lawrence
Born: 1865-Oct-03 Barachois, Québec
Baptized: 1865-Oct-30 Barachois, Québec5
Godparents: William Girard ("junior") and Elizabeth Coton [baby's cousins]. Note that the baby's mother is called "Elizabeth". However, given that, in 1865, Elizabeth Maloney is 62 and that her husband, John Lawrence, Sr., had died three years before (in 1862), this mother must be Caroline Maloney and the child, Elizabeth, is grandaughter to Elizabeth Maloney.
Married: 1857-Sep-29 n.a.
Spouse: Mr. Pilcher
Died: n.a. Florida, U.S.A.
Buried: n.a.
Child 3 M John Lawrence
Born: 1867-Aug-18 Barachois, Québec
Baptized: 1867-Aug-25 Barachois, Québec5
Godparents: George Tapp and Mary Michel
Married 1 1917-Jul-03 Barachois, Québec5
Spouse 1 Marie Adèle "Delia" Fournier
Witnesses: Michael Thompson ("groom's friend") and Isaïe Fournier ("bride's father"); signatures: "John Lawrence", "Marie Adel Fournier", "Clarence Ste Croix", "Patrick Ste Croix"
Married 2 c. 1920 Barachois, Québec
Spouse 2 Elsie Hamon
Witnesses: n.a.
Died: 1953-Apr-02 Montréal, Québec
Buried: 1953-Apr-08 Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetary, Montréal, Québec
Witnesses: n.a.
Child 4 F Maria Lawrence
Born: 1869-Aug-15 Barachois, Québec
Baptized: 1869-Sep-12 Barachois, Québec5
Godparents: John Francis [baby's cousin] and Hariet Malony [Harriet Maloney, baby's aunt]
Married: unmarried
Died: 1961-Jan-14 Gaspé Harbour, Québec
Buried: c. 1961-Jan-16 probably Gaspé Harbour, Québec
Witnesses: n.a.
Child 5 F Mary Ann Lawrence
Born: 1871-Jul-09 Barachois, Québec
Baptized: 1871-Jul-16 Barachois, Québec5
Godparents: Edward Malony ("baby's uncle") [signed]; godmother, Hélène Urquhart ("baby's aunt"; [signed] "Elen Urquhart"); signature: "John Lawrence".
Married: unmarried
Died: 1947-Nov-16 Québec, Québec
Buried: c. 1947-Nov-18 probably Québec, Québec
Witnesses: n.a.
Child 6 M Evariste Joseph "William" ("Willy") Lawrence
Born: 1873-Oct-12 Barachois, Québec
Baptized: 1873-Oct-26 Barachois, Québec5
Godparents: Ambroise Bond and Hélène Fournier; signature: "Caroline M Lawrence", "John Lawrence".
Married: 18 Oct 1922 St-Georges-de-Malbaie, Québec2
Spouse: Brigitte Hélène Chicoine-dit-Cotton
Witnesses: Georges Cotton ("bride's father"; [signed] George Cotton") and Ad. Comeau ("groom's friend"; [signed] "Adelard Comeau"); signatures: "hellen Bridget Cotton", "Joseph William Lawrence"
Died: 1962-Aug-14 Gaspé Harbour, Québec
Buried: c. 1962-Aug-16 probably Gaspé Harbour, Québec
Witnesses: n.a.
Child 7 F Louise Anna Lawrence
Born: 1877-Mar-28 Barachois, Québec
Baptized: 1877-Apr-08 Barachois, Québec5
Godparents: Henry Lawrence [baby's brother; signed] and Ellen Urquhart [wife of baby's uncle; signed "Elen Urquhart"]; signature: "John Lawrence"
Married: 30 Apr 1917 Barachois, Québec5
Spouse: Augustus (Augustin) Brochet
Witnesses: Thomas Brochet ("groom's brother") and Patrick Lawrence ("bride's cousin" [signed]); signatures: "Augustin Brochet", "Louisa Lawrence", "William Maloney" [bride's cousin]
Died: 1960-Mar-01 Baie-des-Sables, Québec
Buried: probably Baie-des-Sables, Québec
Witnesses: n.a.

Footnotes identifying Parish Registers:

A footnote identifies the parish register which contains the relevant act.

The absence of a footnote indicates that the information came from a secondary source.

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