Philip Maloney

Husband: Philip (Philippe) Maloney
Born: 1826-Jul-17 Malbaie, Québec
Baptized: 1826-Jul-17 at home
Christening: 1827-May-28 Malbaie, Québec2
Godparents: Philippe Mauger and Marguerite Bond [wife of Philippe Mauger & also sister of Bill Moloney's first wife]
Married: 1861-Sep-09 Douglastown, Québec3
Spouse: Mary White
Witnesses: John White [signed], James White, and Patrick White ("bride's brothers") and Elizabeth Girard [signed]
Died: 1913-Jul-20 Barachois, Québec
Buried: 1913-Jul-22 Cimetière de St-Pierre-de-Malbaie, Barachois, Québec4
Witnesses: Edward James Maloney ("son" [of deceased]); Thomas and Edward Maloney ("brothers of deceased"); Thomas J., Thomas E., and William J. Maloney [nephews of deceased]; and Patrick White [brother-in-law of deceased]
Father: Bill Moloney, of Barachois, Québec
Mother: Elizabeth Buckley, of Pointe-Saint-Pierre, Québec
Wife Mary White
Born: 1834-Mar-18 Seal Cove, Québec
Baptized: 1834-Mar-25 Seal Cove, Québec2
Godparents: Bernard Connelly and Margaret Condon
Married: 1861-Sep-09 Douglastown, Québec3
Died: 1895-Jul-31 Barachois, Québec
Buried: 1895-Aug-01 Cimetière de St.Pierre de Malbaie, Barachois, Québec4
Witnesses: Philip Maloney [husband of deceased] and Edward Maloney [son of deceased]
Father: Michael White, of Douglastown, Québec
Mother: Bridget Delahunty, of Douglastown, Québec
Child 1 F Bridget Ellen Maloney
Born: 1863-Jul-19 Barachois, Québec
Baptized: 1863-Jul-19 Barachois, Québec3
Godparents: Edward Maloney [baby's uncle]; godmother, Eleanor Urquhart [will become the wife of Edward Maloney]
Married: 1889-Oct-22 St-Georges de Malbaie, Québec1
Spouse: Charles Philippe Mercier
Witnesses: Damase Comeau ("groom's friend"; signed "Damas Camau") and Delima Mercier ("groom's sister" [signed]); signatures, "Bridget Ellen Maloney" and "Philippe Mercier"
Died: n.a.
Buried: n.a.
Child 2 F Anne Maloney
Born: 1865-Aug-06 Barachois, Québec
Baptized: 1865-Aug-27 Barachois, Québec4
Godparents: Thomas Maloney [baby's uncle; signed]; godmother, Mary Rail [Réhel; baby's cousin?]
Died: 1869-Jan-12 Barachois, Québec
Buried: 1869-Jan-15 Cimetière de Barachois, Québec
Funeral: 1869-Jan-24 Cimetière de Barachois, Québec4
Witnesses: Philip Maloney ("child's father") and Désiré Thibault
Child 3 F Marie Henriette "Harriet" Maloney
Born: 1867-Aug-15 Barachois, Québec
Baptized: 1867-Aug-25 Barachois, Québec4
Godparents: John Lawrence and Malvina Gerard
Married: unmarried
Died: 1886-Oct-29 Barachois, Québec
Buried: 1886-Oct-31 Cimetière de St-Pierre-de-Malbaie, Barachois, Québec4
Witnesses: Edmond Mercier and Emile Sirois [both signed]; signature "Alph. Bélanger"
Child 4 M James Edward Maloney
Born: 1869-Jun-18 Barachois, Québec
Baptized: 1869-Jun-29 Barachois, Québec4
Godparents: Francis Kennedy [signed "francis Kennedy"] and Roxanna Elizabeth Urquhart [signed "Roxana E. Urquhart"]
Married: 1896-Jan-16 St-Georges-de-Malbaie, Québec1
Spouse: Marie Dina [Rose-De-Lima] "Delima" Mercier
Witnesses: Philip Mercier ([signed] "Philippe Mercier") and Möise Mercier [signed]; signature, "Marie Délima Mercier"
Died: 1935-Mar-08 Barachois, Québec
Buried: 1935-Mar-12 Cimetière de St-Pierre-de-Malbaie, Barachois, Québec4
Witnesses: "Un grand nombre de parents et d'amis"; signatures: "Lucien Maloney" [son of deceased], "William Rehel", "Arthur St. Croix" [cousin of deceased?], "Herman Coombs", "Albert Coombs" [husband of cousin of deceased], "Joseph Hamon"" [cousin of deceased?]
Child 5 F Ann Maloney
Born: 1 Sep 1871 Barachois, Québec
Baptized: 24 Sep 1871 Barachois, Québec4
Godparents: Philippe Pinel [?] and Marceline Laflamme
Married: unmarried
Died: 1 Sep 1886 Barachois, Québec
Buried: 3 Sep 1886 Cimetière de St-Pierre-de-Malbaie, Barachois, Québec4
Witnesses: Emile Sirois and Edmond Mercier [both signed]

Footnotes identifying Parish Registers:

A footnote identifies the parish register which contains the relevant act.

The absence of a footnote indicates that the information came from a secondary source.

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